Sheet metal Cluster

We organized a so-called Sheet-Metal Cluster with our clients from Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria.

This solution means that we can supply sheet metal products, turned products and other products manufactured by complementary manufacturers to our clients at moderate prices and with minimal transport costs.

Companies can take advantage of lower costs of Slovene manufacturers without high transportation costs.

Presently we can offer co-operation in this solution on the following two routes:

  1. Slovenia – Salzburg – Southern Bavaria – Eastern Switzerland and
  2. Slovenia – Austrian Styria - Vienna – St. Pölten

On these two routes our truck will bring the ordered parts once weekly on the same day.

The procedure of entering “Sheet-Metal Cluster”:

  1. Joint analysis of possible range of products;   
  2. Construction of sets – supply of entire sets brings many advantages;
  3. Assessment of volume and frequency of recalls;
  4. Elaboration of a calculation basis for your range of products; calculation for a set or a product shall be simple and transparent for both sides;          
  5. Construction support by our engineers in order to reduce delivery costs of your products;
  6. Calculation of sets;
  7. Reconciliation and signature of a frame contract;
  8. Orders.


How does it operate?

  • Regular transports on the routes:

          Slovenia – Salzburg – Southern Bavaria – Eastern Switzerland and

          Slovenia – Austrian Styria - Vienna – St. Pölten;

  • A truck will come to your factory once weekly on the same day;
  • A fixed day of delivery simplifies your planning and your orders will arrive on time;
  • Lower costs of workforce in Slovenia
  • Just-In-Time manufacture of little batches with short delivery times;   
  • Support in construction and design in order to reduce costs;  
  • Possibility to supply sheet metal parts from one spot which simplifies placing orders; join together the supply of your sheet metal products, turning products and milled products
  • Easy way to place your order;
  • Long-term collaboration gives you a possibility of gaining advantage from a mutual learning curve.